Artem Golovin

Team lead in Amsterdam

Artem Golovin

Team lead in Amsterdam

Results-oriented team lead with twelve years of web development experience and three years of working within the world's leading consultancy.

Ideal for fast-moving teams who are in need of a universal problem solver with strong soft skills, deep full-stack knowledge and experience in devops.

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Unfortunately, all the projects starting 2019 were done together with Reaktor Consultancy, hence remain under NDA agreement and cannot be shown on this website. These are complex enterprise web applications, involving multiple development teams and multi-layer infrastructures. Mostly ecommerce and a fair bit of image processing magic.

Downtime monitoring


Powerful monitoring for websites & webapps, with a few advanced features such as chaining requests, 1-minute checks and detailed request setup

Embedded engineering

Custom IoT modules

Including hardware, 3d-printed casing, both embedded and server-side software. Mostly arduino-compatible platforms.

IoTArduino3D PrintingEmbedded
Bike/car sharing


Together with GoAbout team, we have created a SaaS bike/car sharing platform and mobile apps for it


Project management and the people

Certified project manager in the Results-Only Work Environment. The course pays special attention to remote-friendly workflows.

CertificationManagementArt. Gorbunov

65+ recommendations

I got a lot of reviews for taking a part in different projects and solving complex issues for other developers with which they were struggeling.

Home automation


A smart home solution. Based on open-source software but with custom made hardware components, automation scripts and telegram bot


Unique combination of Certified Scrum Product Owner, Certified Kubernetes Administrator and many years of web app development

Web shop

Merlin Toys

Managed and supervised merlin’s IT-department making sure that the technical side goes along with the business needs

Journey planner


Together with GoAbout team, we have made a web application which shows travel options around Netherlands. With realtime data, bike- and carsharing

Tech blog


A bunch of blogs about different technical stuff, including JS, Adonis & Vue


E2E Testing

A long time ago given a workshop about End-to-End testing in web applications using AngularJS and Selenium at Google HQ Amsterdam.

Parties for teenagers


Took care of a thousand small organizational tasks making sure that the party will go smooth and well

Landing pageOfflineCo-founder

Strong hands-on coding experience, building applications from a complete zero to the production state. Prototyping, backends, frondend and infra. This also includes automated tests, deploy, CI, and all kinds of monitoring

Hospitality solutions


Settled up the whole IT-infrastructure and managed technical side of the company


Worked with both small fast-pacing teams and major corporations with tens of developers on the same project

…and a whole dozen of other projects…