Artem Golovin

Software engineer

Artem Golovin

Software engineer

I create cool web applications all-inclusive. Prototyping, design, frontends and backends. Ideal for small companies or startups. When needed, there is a whole team behind me.

My job as a software engineer isn’t to write code. It’s to translate hand-wavy business requirements into detailed specs that a computer can follow.

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Journey planner


Together with talented GoAbout team, I made and still support a web application which shows travel options around Netherlands. With realtime data, bicycles and blackjack


I use a fair amount of automation in my daily routine. This allows me to save hours, cut your bill and deliver in time

Web shop

Merlin Toys

I manage and supervise merlin’s IT-department making sure that the technical side goes along with the business’es needs

Parties for teenagers


I have built the langing page and took care of a thousand small organizational tasks making sure that the party will go smooth and well

Landing pageOfflineCo-founder

I only work with a signed contract and prepayments. If I screw up, you will get your money back.

Hospitality solutions


I have built the website, settled up the whole IT-infrastructure and currently manage technical side of the company


I can build applications from a complete zero to the finest production state. Becides design and development, this also includes configuring servers, mails, analytics and advices on most “Web-related” topics

…and a whole dozen of other projects…

Currently available for part-time projects

Is part-time enough?

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