Artem Golovin

Software engineer

Artem Golovin

Software engineer

I create cool web applications all-inclusive. Prototyping, design, frontends and backends. Also familiar with embedded electronics. Ideal for small companies or startups.

My job as a software engineer isn’t to just write code. It’s to translate hand-wavy business requirements into detailed specs that a computer can follow.

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Downtime monitoring


Powerful monitoring for websites & webapps, with a few advanced features such as chaining requests, 1-minute checks and detailed request setup. 100% done by me

Embedded engineering

Custom Ventilation ECU

Ventilation in my house was not working well so I built a custom control module for the fan and connected it to humidity and emission sensors throughout the house

IoTArduino3D PrintingEmbedded
Bike/car sharing


Together with GoAbout team, we have created a SaaS bike/car sharing platform and mobile apps for it. Most of the backend is programmed by me


Project management and the people

Makes me a certified project manager in the Results-Only Work Environment. The course pays special attention to remote-friendly workflows.

CertificationManagementArt. Gorbunov

65+ recommendations

I got a lot of reviews for taking a part in different projects and solving complex issues for other developers with which they were struggeling.

Home automation


A smart home solution. Based on open-source software but with custom made hardware components, automation scripts and telegram bot


I use a fair amount of automation in my daily routine. This allows me to save hours, cut the bill and deliver in time

Web shop

Merlin Toys

I manage and supervise merlin’s IT-department making sure that the technical side goes along with the business needs

Journey planner


Together with GoAbout team, we have made a web application which shows travel options around Netherlands. With realtime data, bike- and carsharing

Tech blog


A bunch of blogs about different technical stuff, inluding JS, Adonis & Vue. Probably, the most beloved articles were about Adonis framework and about hassle-free VueJS deploy


E2E Testing

A long time ago I gave a workshop about End-to-End testing in web applications using AngularJS and Selenium at Google HQ Amsterdam.

Parties for teenagers


I have built the langing page and took care of a thousand small organizational tasks making sure that the party will go smooth and well

Landing pageOfflineCo-founder

As a hobby, I do a lot of Arduino projects and building my own smart house. So I do have experience in embedded electronics and IoT as well.

Hospitality solutions


I have built the website, settled up the whole IT-infrastructure and currently manage technical side of the company


I can build applications from a complete zero to the production state. Becides design and development, this also includes automated tests, deploy, CI, and all kinds of error tracking

…and a whole dozen of other projects…